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Ottawa Interlock Pricing

Ottawa Interlock Pricing

Do you want to know how much does Ottawa Interlock Cost? Jobs are influenced by a variety of factors which influence the Interlock cost and pricing. Interlock prices vary based on styles, thickness, and type of stones used in the interlock installation. The typical interlock driveways and patios are quoted per square foot. The heritage Pavers , amalfi stone, begerac brick, and patio stones each have a different cost per square foot.  Interlock Pricing can also vary based on the layout and design of the job. If additional features such as water downspout drainage trenches. Ottawa Interlock pricing can also be influenced by the slope, difficulty of access, as well as the amount of gravel and stone that needs to be excavated. As you can see, Ottawa Interlock pricing is different each job based on a few factors – so call 613 800 3180 to get your free quote!

How to get Interlock Pricing.

#1 Pick your Interlock Bricks.

#2 Pick your Thickness and color.

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Questions You need to ask your Interlock Company.

To make sure you are getting the best quality work and not wasting your hard earned cash in shoddy, fly by night interlock pavers that will need burn you, we recommend asking a few of these questions.

How thick of base are you putting in beneath the patio/driveway?

*The Interlock Concrete Pavement Institute ICPI recommends a minimum base thickness of 4 inches (100 mm) for residential patios and walkways and 6 inches (150 mm) for driveways in non freeze thaw areas.  In colder climates these base thicknesses are increased and most contractors will use 6 and 10 inches (150 mm and 250 mm) respectively.

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