Interlock Driveway Installation in Kanata, ON

Posted on: June 30th, 2015 by Interlock Ottawa

View our Interlock Driveway Installation and Interlock Walkway repair on Turtle Point Crescent.

Horseshoe Driveway With Walkway in Kanata, ON

Interlock in Kanata, ON

We’ve just finished installing some beautiful new Interlock Driveways in Kanata, Ontario. The residents of the beautiful community of Turtle Point crescent which backs onto The Marshes Golf Course asked for our help with their new interlock driveway installation. We were originally contacted to fix the grade on the asphalt driveway that had dipped in the garage. The problem is that the driveway had dropped at the edge of the garage. This opened up the chance of water leaking into the crack between the asphalt driveway and the foundation. When water freezes in the winter it can push the driveway further and potentially cause damage to the foundation. We were happy to help four of the local residents with Interlock driveway installation which included removing the sunken asphalt form the driveway and recycling it. It also included cutting out a five foot arch down to twelve feet on the edges of the driveway to form a horeshoe shape. We then added the required amount of crushed stone to grade away from the home towards the road and compacted to a 95% compaction rate to ensure stability and security. Finally we compacted once more and fine graded and installed interlock.


The Glebe Interlock

The Glebe Interlock with river rock

We also helped a few residents with new Interlock steps and walkways to match the interlock driveways. Although we don’t enjoy concrete work as much as laying brick we did help another chip down the surface of an existing concrete garage lip, form, and pouor new premium high tac concrete for the finish. We believe in 100% satisfaction and are proud to be able to serve the residents of Kanata, ON with Interlock driveway and patio installation and repair services. If you need a trusted local Interlock repair or interlock installation expert in Kanata, call Interlock Ottawa Group (613) 800-3180

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