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Interlock Driveway Installation in Kanata, ON

Posted on: June 30th, 2015 by Interlock Ottawa

View our Interlock Driveway Installation and Interlock Walkway repair on Turtle Point Crescent.

Horseshoe Driveway With Walkway in Kanata, ON

Interlock in Kanata, ON

We’ve just finished installing some beautiful new Interlock Driveways in Kanata, Ontario. The residents of the beautiful community of Turtle Point crescent which backs onto The Marshes Golf Course asked for our help with their new interlock driveway installation. We were originally contacted to fix the grade on the asphalt driveway that had dipped in the garage. The problem is that the driveway had dropped at the edge of the garage. This opened up the chance of water leaking into the crack between the asphalt driveway and the foundation. When water freezes in the winter it can push the driveway further and potentially cause damage to the foundation. We were happy to help four of the local residents with Interlock driveway installation which included removing the sunken asphalt form the driveway and recycling it. It also included cutting out a five foot arch down to twelve feet on the edges of the driveway to form a horeshoe shape. We then added the required amount of crushed stone to grade away from the home towards the road and compacted to a 95% compaction rate to ensure stability and security. Finally we compacted once more and fine graded and installed interlock.


The Glebe Interlock

The Glebe Interlock with river rock

We also helped a few residents with new Interlock steps and walkways to match the interlock driveways. Although we don’t enjoy concrete work as much as laying brick we did help another chip down the surface of an existing concrete garage lip, form, and pouor new premium high tac concrete for the finish. We believe in 100% satisfaction and are proud to be able to serve the residents of Kanata, ON with Interlock driveway and patio installation and repair services. If you need a trusted local Interlock repair or interlock installation expert in Kanata, call Interlock Ottawa Group (613) 800-3180

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Patios Ottawa

Posted on: January 31st, 2015 by Interlock Ottawa

Patios Ottawa Available, call now | (613) 800 – 3180

Want quality patios Ottawa property owners use to congregate?

Interlock patios Ottawa locals recommend to friends, family and colleagues are available now from the Interlock Ottawa Group. Have you been thinking about creating an outdoor urban oasis? Perhaps the image you have in your mind is one of an outdoor dining or living space for those wonderful summer months outside with family. Whatever the case may be, an interlock patio is a wonderful way for local Ottawa residents to take advantage of their yard space that’s already available.

patios Ottawa ON

patios Ottawa ON

Increasing the square footage of your home is always something that you want to do to increase the property value of your home. After the interlock patio is a part of your outdoor arsenal you have the freedom to begin entertaining the idea of having an enclosed sunroom with screens and beautiful breeze without being eaten alive in the middle of the forest. One of the best ways to have a good time while following the rules and regulations of traffic laws is to bring the patio and the social gathering home right to your backyard!

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Go and hang out in the market or in the Elgin street area in Ottawa, but always keep it casual and safe in the process. Having an interlock patio at your Ottawa home is a way to stay on the patio, without having to retrieve your vehicle in the morning weekend after weekend. At Interlock Ottawa Group we want to deliver the benefit of having a comfortable place to drink and socialize in the sun without the overhanging issue of breaking or bending highway traffic drinking and driving regulations.

Interlock patios come in a variety of stone styles and colours. We have never done two interlock patio projects the same for any two clients. It is important for us to get full participation from the homeowner in the event that they’re serious about purchasing. When we don’t get participation from homeowners in the patio stone and color selection process we end up with substandard results that the homeowner did not picture in their mind and of course results in friction between us and the client. Make sure that you participate fully in the process of selection to make sure the eventual product that’s delivered is everything you’ve always wanted for your home and garden. To get in touch with our patios Ottawa ON estimators you’re welcome to give us a call today or fill out the form to instantly notify the estimator by text message.


Interlock Patios Ottawa Services:

  • Interlock patios
  • Interlock walkways with patio
  • Interlock driveways with patio
  • Interlock retaining walls with patio
  • Interlock gardens with patio

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Planning on installing a patio to your property in Ottawa?

Posted on: June 19th, 2014 by Interlock Ottawa

Efficient & affordable patio professionals in Ottawa, fully insured & certified

Interlock Ottawa Group provides local homeowners with interlock services such as patio installation in Ottawa and surrounding areas including Orleans, Nepean, Kanata, Gloucester, Island Park and Barrhaven. We are a fully certified and insured interlock company that offer various interlock installation and services. Our interlocking specialists are sophisticated, thoroughly experienced and able to generate the best interlock and stone patio design ideas for your loving home. With us, you can expect for the superior quality and excellent services for an affordable rate. Our former clients spread the word for us owe to their satisfaction on our work. In the meantime, we offer you 3 year warrant on all work, trust your local interlock experts and build your ideal patio.

After half-year long winter in Canada, people can’t wait to let some sunlight shining on the skin and enjoy fresh air and ambiance of the vigorous summer. The extreme low temperature in winter could be destructive to your outdoor property and you might worry about the safety of your patio that is built a period of time ago. It might also be the case that you just came up with this idea to add a patio to your backyard to make a private oasis that allows you to spend the time with your family and friend appreciating the essence of summer in Canada.

Interlock Ottawa Group will be very excited to launch the project for you. With us, you can work with our professional patio building team to design your own patio. We help you to select the material, construct the right structures of your backyard, and then install the patio step-by-step so that you could have the opportunity to inspect the process and make sure that you are getting your ideal patio. Besides patio installation, we also provide you with patio services like patio maintenance. We re-decorate your outdated patio and secure it.

Patio Installation Ottawa

Patio Installation Ottawa

Imagine during summer time at home, holding a glass of wine and lying down on a beach chair right there in the patio our your sweet home. Accompanied with your partner, children, family or friends in a freshly built patio after a busy week, have some barbecue and an outdoor party going on could be the most pleasurable event you can ever had at home.

To have your backyard oasis soon, call us for a free estimate at (613) 800-3180.

Best Interlock and Stone Patio Design Ideas

Posted on: May 15th, 2013 by Interlock Ottawa

Patio Design Ideas

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