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Retaining walls Ottawa

Posted on: January 15th, 2015 by Interlock Ottawa

Retaining Walls Ottawa ON | Call (613) 800 – 3180

Looking to create retaining walls Ottawa residents enjoy in their yards?

Searching for the best retaining walls Ottawa home and commercial property owners are proud to show to their friends and family in their network? Trust the local retaining wall experts at Interlock Ottawa Group to resolve all of your retaining wall Ottawa requirements. You need to filter out the fly by night companies so you avoid having the disappointment of not having the job completed initially at the level set by your expectations. Furthermore, another problem you really want to avoid is getting retaining walls from companies that provide a product that cracks and sinks in random places because of poor installation.

Retaining walls Ottawa ON | Call Now (613) 800 -3180

One way to find out if a company stands behind the work they do is if they offer you an official warranty on the work prior to the installation. Some homeowners that have came to us looking for assistance with their garden creation home renovation project have been stranded by fly by night companies with half completed jobs, materials left on site with no commencement of the renovation. Or the absolute worst case scenario of the horrors experienced by some of our clients where untrustworthy masonry companies have taken half the job cost up front and left the homeowner waiting for their job to start only to realize that they have been taken advantage of by a con company. What makes our local interlock partners different is that they’ve been in the industry for multiple decades and the majority of the companies have been in business for a minimum of 10 years.

retaining walls Ottawa ON

retaining walls Ottawa ON

We find that most of these scenarios are created by the fact that our clients did not properly screen the interlock company candidates prior to getting themselves into this unfortunate circumstance that brings them to us. Don’t take the risk that so many of our home and commercial property owner clients have in the past. Ask the tough questions and have the expectations for your interlock installation company to have the correct answers. If for you they need to be in business for at least 10 years and for them to carry insurance, then make them provide you with the proof necessary for you to believe what they’re saying. This is not to suggest insulting a reputable business that’s been around for 30+ years but it is a way for you to make sure you reduce your risk in the transaction. Retaining walls Ottawa services are available today so call now.

Retaining Wall Services Available:

  • Interlock patios with retaining walls
  • Interlock walkways with retaining walls
  • Interlock driveways with retaining walls
  • Interlock garden retaining walls

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